31 Ways to become The Proverbs 31 Woman

Verse 19: In her hand she holds the distaff and grasps the spindle with her fingers.

#14 Become a Godly woman of purpose

The picture The Proverbs 31 Woman presents in verse 19, is that of one who knows what she is doing and is well equipped to achieve desired results. One of the attractive features of a Godly woman of purpose is the knowledge of who she is and what she can do.

Listening to female pastors at a women’s conference recently, they highlighted the four things Godly Women of  Purpose have which are the authority of prayer, the force to be driven by vision, the  discernment to identify and seize opportunities as well as the power to fulfil God given potentials.

The Vision Driven Woman

Vision is the ability to see the future before it comes to pass.  Vision is what determines destiny and brings persistence. Every woman was created to accomplish something specific and be known for something special.  Vision influences the way a woman conducts her life.  When God’s vision guides a woman, she will have the determination to work hard and fight for its actualization. A Godly Woman of Purpose never quits. She keeps working hard until she reaches her goal.

When God deposits a gift into the life of a woman, God expects her to identify and put the gift to use. A woman’s God given gift eventually becomes a commodity in her life, and every effort must  be put into the development of her gifts, because they are instruments to move her forward. Godly Women of Purpose understand the vision, stay on course, overcome obstacles and negative influences, so they can live the life they were created to live.

Seizing Opportunities

To seize opportunities, a Godly woman of purpose needs have the discernment of the sons of Issachar (1 Chronicles 12:32), and posses the understanding of times and seasons. An opportunity is simply the time circumstances are right to do something.  Godly women of purpose forcefully take possession of whatever favourable thing or circumstance comes their way.

When God places a special purpose in a woman’s heart, he will bring numerous opportunities to help her actualize the purpose. It then becomes her duty to identify the opportunity and seize it. The chance to become anything in life is down to opportunities, so never take opportunities for granted because they determine how far anyone goes in life.

5 Keys to seizing opportunities

  • Avoid and conquer procrastination.
  • Be diligent. Many want the success of others but can’t put in the hard work.
  • Have the courage to take risks. Depart from the known to the unknown.
  • Be forceful. Success is not for the faint hearted.
  • Persist. There will be tears, there will be laughter but things will eventually fall into place.

Fulfilling your God given potential

Until potentials are discovered, tapped and utilized, greatness will be far from anyone.  Godly women of purpose should consider the following as definitions of potential.

  • What you can do but have not yet done.
  • Where you can go but have not yet gone.
  • Your unexpressed ideas waiting for manifestation.
  • The investment of heaven in your life.
  • Your uniqueness and originality.
  • The total greatness deposited in you.
  • Your unwritten books.
  • The position that is yet to be occupied.
  • Your eagle that is not flying.
  • The sleeping giant within you.

To fulfil your God given potential, you must be determined, focused, hard working and obedient to God’s commands. In addition, let go of all forms of insecurities and complexes. Be bold enough to untie your boat from the dock and let the wind of the Holy Spirit take you out into the deep water of life.  Always remember that God’s word on your potential is the only one that counts, so be deaf to negative voices.

The role of prayer

One of the wise words I’ve picked up in recent times was spoken by Pastor Mrs Shade Olukoya (Wife of the General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Worldwide). She says, “women addicted to the prayer room are always beautiful.” One of the beauty secrets of Godly women of purpose is prayer. The authority of prayer is the power to be heard and answered by heaven.

Hannah was such a woman endowed with this power (1 Samuel 1:13-16). Prayer has a voice, and God listens to the voice of prayer.  Godly women of purpose do not pray amiss. They discover how to pray the prayers that God hears and brings answers from heaven.

God constantly looks for women to promote. Your developed and released potential will bring you before great men. Are you a woman who aspires to grow her potential and perhaps become a leader someday? Then begin with the prayers below. 


  • Blood of Jesus, restore and give back my lost opportunities in Jesus name.
  • Negative influences on the journey of my destiny, clear away in Jesus name.
  • O God arise, and provoke favour on my behalf in Jesus name.
  • Holy Spirit, enlarge my coast beyond my wildest dreams in Jesus name.
  • The glorious light of the gospel, penetrate the dark areas of my life in Jesus name.
  • Divine alertness to recognise opportunities, enter into my life in Jesus name.
  • Holy Spirit, give me the ability that is equal to my opportunity in Jesus name.
  • My Father, My Father, My Father empower me to stop missing and wasting opportunities that come my way in Jesus name.

Adapted from the presentation of four female pastors at the Annual Women’s Conference of “The Glorious Women” of Region 1 of MFM UK (Hackney Wick branch). Pick up more tips at the MFM UK Women’s Foundation Conference at 9am on Saturday,10th November 2012 at MFM Erith Branch

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